On December 25, 2011, the Anonymous group hacked into a private intelligence agency, Strategic Forecasting Inc. or STRATFOR, based in Austin, Texas. The attack began with the release of STRATFOR's client list announced at https://twitter.com/#!/AnonymousIRC/status/150679351589998593 followed by release of accounts in batches believed to belong to STRATFOR's customers. The release announced in another Twitter post at https://twitter.com/#!/AnonymousIRC/status/150985258999885824 includes emails, passwords (hashed with MD5), home/office addresses and credit card information (full 16-digit number, expiry date and CVV number). The table below is the list of the leaked accounts with the passwords removed.

STRATFOR has brought down their site following the attack but kept their members posted on the status of the attack via their Facebook page.

UPDATE (February 23, 2013): Following an email from STRATFOR today, we would like to clarify that the list below contains a mix of STRATFOR's current and former free and paid subscribers. A subscriber receives free geopolitical news and analysis via email or purchases access to the full website content. They do not necessarily represent STRATFOR's consulting clients.

UPDATE (February 27, 2012): WikiLeaks announced today the release of "The Global Intelligence Files" which will make public the dump of STRATFOR's 5 million emails. Browse, search and read the emails at "The Global Intelligence Files" page.

UPDATE (January 2, 2012): We have processed all 860,000 STRATFOR's registered users and added them into the table below. These users do not have their credit card information leaked. The earlier accounts with credit card information leaked are now tagged with cc in the table below.

UPDATE (December 30, 2011): The Anonymous group has just released the remaining accounts making the total of leaked STRATFOR's accounts with credit card information to a total of approx. 75,000. The table below has been updated to include these accounts. Additionally, login information for approx. 860,000 STRATFOR's registered users have been leaked as well but they don't include credit card information; we may update the table below to include these users later.

This disclosure was mentioned in PCWorld, Forbes, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and TheBlaze.

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