On March 25, 2012, lulzboatR (LulzSec Reborn) released over 160,000 accounts containing emails and passwords hashed with unsalted MD5 obtained from militarysingles.com, a dating site for military personnel. lulzboatR announced the release in a Twitter post at https://twitter.com/#!/lulzboatR/status/183987966232903680. The site operator, ESingles Inc., appears to have acknowledged the hack based on a comment posted at http://www.databreaches.net/?p=23736. However, they do not appear to have posted any notice on the dating site itself to explicitly inform the affected users.

In a separate Twitter post, KoreLogic Security mentioned that 93% of the hashed passwords were cracked in 24 seconds. This is possible given the fact that the passwords were hashed without salt and it is also likely that the site does not enforce the use of strong passwords either.

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