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SubjectRe: MGM Las Vegas
DateSep 24, 2010 00:39
ReleasedAug 12, 2012 08:00
   Patrick was in talks with the Las Vegas Sands Corporation--they own the
   Venetian.  We provided them with a proposal for baseline security
   assessments and monthly analysis regarding their facilities in Vegas,
   Macau and Singapore, but they were ultimately rejected.  He may have also
   talked with the MGM Grand, but I don't recall any proposals for them. 

   On 9/23/10 6:29 PM, Fred Burton wrote:

     I seem recall Patrick in discussions w/MGM in Las Vegas about our
     services (PI) but our pricing was an issue. 
     I don't know why I remember that, but I do. 
     Regardless, the MGM corporate security director (with 34 properties in
     Vegas alone) is going to call me reference the oeprational effectiveness
     of TrapWire.   I understand the system has been great across the board,
     which I'm not surprised. 
     (Believe Steve Wynn owns that chain and I think he knows me through my
     book. I may have met him at a signing. Think I got to Wynn for Patrick,
     but can't remember.)
     Does anybody recall Patrick talking to MGM?    Just wanna know if I'm
     gonna get a bucket of crapola. 
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