On December 21, 2011, an unknown hacker released over 6 million accounts from one of the largest site for programmers in China, CSDN (short for China Software Developer Network), operated by Bailian Midami Digital Technology. Despite effort from CSDN users in using strong passwords, it is unfortunate that the database itself stored the user data including passwords in cleartext.

The news in English was first announced by The Hacker News but the leak may have been released a day earlier judging from comments posted on several Chinese sites. The release was made available via a Thunder link and alternative download link was also made available from a Chinese file sharing site, CTdisk, but the file has been removed since. The table below is the list of the leaked accounts with the passwords removed.

UPDATE (December 22, 2011): Six more Chinese sites are said to be hacked with their user data leaked following the CSDN leak. The sites include 7K7K (20M accounts), Duduniu (66K accounts), 178.com, Duowan, Mop (10M accounts) and Renren (5M accounts). These leaks are not shown in the table below.

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