At Dazzlepod, we are committed to building state-of-the-art web applications to help our clients with their business needs.

We develop a deep understanding of you and your customers, then we design and build things that have an engaging experience for your customers.

We practice Agile software development methodologies to give you on-time high quality deliverables and maintain great business with you.

We are the leading local experts in Django, a high-level Python web framework and we continue to build our skills on the latest of web technologies.
We build
Internet and Intranet Web Portal
Create Internet presence for your company or simply deploy a web portal for internal use.
Content Management System
CMS is an excellent tool to store shared documents and is guaranteed to significantly improve collaboration among your users.
Or Any Web Application Of Your Choice
Web-based application highly specialized for your business requirements.
Scalable Web and Database Server
On-site deployment of scalable web infrastructure to secure your business growth.